Information about Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID -19) is a new type of illness.

We have linked information given by the Government about coronavirus for you to use, including: 

. How to keep safe and well
. What might happen if you have to go to hospital
. Activities and ideas to keep busy
. The latest guidance from the Government
. Information for support workers and carers
. Support if you have lost a loved one

Dawn Fox - Registered Manager/Director

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“I registered Positive Steps Care & Support Ltd in August 2019 with the vision to deliver the very best care and support. 

My previous experience has given me the knowledge and understanding of what is required to enable me to establish a company that will truly have the leadership and support to make a difference to the people who choose to use our service, their families and others close to them. 

I have been able to identify through past experience and market research where companies work effectively and also where they fall short. This has given me the opportunity to put into practice what I believe people want from a care and support organisation. 

Positive Steps will support employees to be the very best they can by identifying and offering opportunities to learn and build on their experience and knowledge. I want to take the time to know the people that work with us so that we generate a whole team environment, this is what makes people feel valued, supported, and motivated”

– Dawn Fox (Registered Manager & Director)

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