Bespoke Care & Support

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our support professionals, the people using our service and those close to them. 

We make it our customary practice for a member of
our management team to visit each person before commencing their support to gain an understanding of what is important to the individual and how they would like their support delivered. 

This gives us the opportunity to put controlled measures in place to ensure we are delivering a service that meets the individual’s needs and provide experienced staff with the individual’s personality, personal interests, aspirations, and well-being in mind.

This is achieved by commencing an assessment process that can be carried out over one or a number of visits, depending on what suits the individual and the amount of information required to
enable us to capture and document their person-centred support. 

This ensures a standard of excellence, which embraces the fundamental principles of commendable care and support. We will ensure that a support plan, guidelines, and risk management is in place before the support is commenced and that the support staff have a clear understanding of the support requirements.

We aim to provide a service which safeguards and promotes the health, welfare and life of vulnerable people living in their own homes. We will support people to live as independently as possible ensuring they have support in place that compliments their day to day living. This can be: 

• Practical help, and domestic tasks
• Support in the community
• Personal care
• Specialist care
• Respite services at home
• Complex care


We recruit specifically for you after gathering all the appropriate information to allow us to identify what is important to the person being supported and what they would like to achieve from their support. 

We will carry out the first stage interviews gathering all necessary documentation and screening, during this session we will attempt to draw from the person all the qualities we are looking for within the position. 

Second stage interviews would be to involve the person receiving the support, family members or professional persons to be involved if they wish and appropriate. If not, the process will continue, and a manager will identify what they feel is the best suitable match. The person receiving the support will be kept abreast throughout the whole process whether they are actively involved or not. The service provided will be tailored to the individual needs of the person using our service. 

Positive Steps endeavours to employ high calibre support staff that are experienced and highly trained to provide an inclusive range of care/support services directly to the person being supported. The people that work with us, share the same vision and passion to support people to live a fulfilled life, striving to reach their goals. 

We will ensure that when it is required, a meet and greet will be organised to fit around the individual, or if this does not work, than we will ensure that the first time the person receives support they will have someone senior from the office team present to conduct an introduction. This ensures that the person receiving the support, and support worker, feel reassured and relaxed before they continue with their day.

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